Wooden floor protectors: hidden saviors

There is a wonderful long-lasting beauty to wooden floors. Wood has natural feel to it, which adds richness to your room. For those spots you would like a little extra warmth, an area rug is just the answer. Runner rugs work good for down the side of the bed, leaving the beauty of the wood floor to shine. A good quality wood floor is one you can count on for loveliness for decades to come. They are truly an investment in the value of your home. So, how can floor protectors help protect your wood floor?

Not all flooring is equal, even once you’ve decided on a specific type. Make sure you have a list of furniture floor protectors ready to look for, whether you’re just concerned about the final product or if you’re going to be installing it yourself. Wood laminate flooring is easier to maintain than hardwood and it can stand up better to damage, but after the course of a few years, you might see a few tiles that have too much damage to ignore.

Look for brands that offer easy repairs or replacements so you don’t have to take the entire floor apart. Floating floors that click into place often can’t be dismantled and reassembled around a broken plank, and the same is true for most adhesive floating floors. Laminate planks that stick directly on the floor are easier to pry away and replace, but they also come with their own set of challenges.

How does the wooden floor protector work?

Thicker boards dampen sound, and thin adhesive laminate planks can have almost as much echo as bare concrete. Look into the flooring types that make your final list and see if they dampen sound on their own or if they need a specific under layer.

Can water damage them?

Real wood can be sealed against water damage, but that seal wears away and is often why people decide on laminate flooring instead. But not all types can stand up to actual spills instead ofjust moisture. Pick the flooring based on the hardest spot in your house. Not only do wood floors go with any decor, they are easy to keep looking good. While you don’t want to put them in wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, mud room, or laundry, they are wonderful in the rest of the house. A dust mop is all it takes to keep them looking good most of the time. When it is time to mop them, which is rare, a wood floor cleaner will fix them right up. Eventually, you might find they get scratched up to the point you want them refinished. But then that is another beauty of real wood, you can have them sanded down and restrained. This is best left to a professional, as they have the proper tools and training.

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