Using Large Electrical Signs To Market Your Business.

I wish I could vividly recall the first time I saw a signpost showing me which direction to go, where to buy what or what a place or thing actually represents? The truth is, I just can’t place it but somehow my gut tells me that it was from my mom.

From when I was little, almost at the same time as I was learning to identify colors, Mom placed various signs around the house with specific instructions. Some of this instruction includes; where to find different items and where they must be kept, lines you must not cross, what you must not do and so on. For example every child in my house knows that touching the white cupboard in mummy’s room is an abomination. Later in life we realized it was where mummy kept insecticides. In the kitchen, everyone knows which container holds what ingredient.

Out of the house, there were traffic lights; the stop, ready and go signs, there were sign boards or posts welcoming you to different restaurants, schools, church, malls, banks, hospitals etc. At a time I seemed as if there was ‘sign post exhibition’ where one party is trying to out-smart the other.

Whether we willing accept it or not, sign posts is a powerful marketing strategy. Just think for a moment, which sign post do you easily remember? Is it the tiny, ugly ones or those big, colorful and captivating ones? Except you are weird, I think you’d say the latter.

The advancement of technology has made it possible to use large electric signs to market your business, through companies like Even though large graphical sign posts have really had great impacts, they can be however boring over a period of time since they are static.

Advantages of using large electric signs to market your business

·  It’s captivating- When you have a large electric sign perfectly positioned, it compels passerby to stop and look. They want to see what the sign is portraying. Even people who normally would not be interested in what your business is about would somehow feel the impulse to stop and look. Using large electric signs to market your business create an image of your company and brand in the mind of prospective customers and the general populace.

·  It’s advertising- It doesn’t matter what you sell or what service you render, using large electric signs to market your business gradually builds an image of your brand in the sub-consciousness of those who see this sign. So whenever he/she thinks of that product or service, they see you.

·  It creates recognition- Using large electric signs to market your business makes it possible for passerby to recognize where you are located. Have you ever walked into a nice shopping mall and you were like “how did I get here?” well it’s one of the super powers of using large electric signs to market your business.

Things you must put into consideration

You only have a few seconds to create a lasting impression on the mind of the prospective customer, so you must put the following into consideration

·  Who is your target customer?

·  What kind of element, pictures, designs etc. would attract them?

·  What size would be appropriate?

·  How much will it cost?


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