Tips on Jewellery Repair

When pieces of jewellery get damaged, it is imperative to get it fixed as soon-as possible. The last thing you’d want is for more damage to occur and additional stones and decorative items getting lost. But remember one thing, nothing is truly broken or lost, there is always a way to fix it. In this article, we the jewelers are going to give you tips on the actions you must take in the unfortunate event that your jewellery has been damaged. So, fret not if you’ve just damaged that ring your husband gifted you on your 25th anniversary, or if your pearl necklace has sustained some damage, we’ve got your back.

Firstly, be sure to-collect as many loose pieces as you can, since the jeweller might be able to-use them in the-repair. Before going to the jeweller, first figure out whether your item is still under warranty. If your warranty has run out, you should check to see if there is a way in which you can purchase an extended warranty to cover the costs of certain types of damages. Jewellers generally offer a life time guarantee for basic services like cleaning and inspection.

Next comes the cost. This is obviously a variable factor and is affected by whether you’re covered by warranty.


Then you need to factor in conditions like the nature/difficulty of the task, the part that needs repair (a new gemstone for example would set you back by quite a bit) and the turnaround time that you expect out of the jeweller. It’s obvious that no two repairs are the same and there will be certain ones that need a more skilful hand. Therefore, it is best that you go to a jeweller that you trust and know well. If you’re still under warranty, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but the place you first bought it from. If not under warranty, go to someone you trust or go to a big jeweller, which would guarantee the repair

Additionally, preventive jewellery care is something we recommend each and every one of you partake in. Jewellery you wear regularly, like rings should be sent for cleaning & inspection twice a year, which helps protect it from the damage it sustains from everyday use. In addition to inspecting the piece, your jeweller can and will also check the overall life of the jewellery and make sure the stones aren’t coming loose or the clasps aren’t bent. This could potentially save you and your trusted jewellery from further damage and stress in the future.

So worry not, regardless of how strong the damage, or complex the task – there are enough skilled jewellers out there, who have access to the best of technology. Often, jewellery can be resorted with a fire. In the worst possible case, it can be completely melted out and recast. There are ultra-sonic cleaners that can fix even badly burnt jewellery. But remember one thing, and we can’t stress this more times – get your jewellery cleaned/fixed by trained, qualified professionals. You could cause further damage to it by trying to fix it yourself or by giving it to an unknown jeweller, who would do more harm than good. Give it to an experienced professional, and you’re guaranteed to get your best-friend back as good as new!

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