The secret to great SEO

Gone are the days when companies depended on TV, newspapers, and directories to do the marketing for their products and services. In this era of technology and web, you start off your business with the launch of a website for your business. Your web developer or webmaster might keep telling you that you need to ‘SEO your site’ to ‘increase traffic.’ You may have nodded your head to them, without even knowing what they are talking about.

So what is SEO? What does it do on your website? How does it help boost your business? Below we have tried to figure out the answers to the following questions with guidance from seo company lafayette, la.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process that performs small changes on your website, which eventually allows your site to appear among the first few results on a search engine results page when a user performs a search for a related keyword. Let’s take it as an example.

Let’s suppose you have a business that sells homemade brownies. Your business may be confined to a particular city or a region. You have a website which allows users to place orders online. Now, when a user who wants to purchase brownies search the internet for someone selling brownies, she should be able to see you. It all depends on how search friendly (or in simplified terms – ‘Google-friendly’) is your site. That’s precisely what your webmaster meant when he said that you need to SEO your site to get better business.

So how do you do it?

The secret lies in the right keywords. Keywords are the terms that a user searches the internet with. So your website needs to have these keywords included in it, in a proper format so that your site will get ranked higher when a user searches for those keywords. However, relevancy of keywords is also important. Let’s take the above example; your business sells brownies in any many other cities perhaps, and your site allows placing orders. So you need to include relevant keywords such as brownies, online ordering and other towns that you operate as keywords. Let’s say you also include keywords such as ‘cheesecake,’ ‘gateau’ – assuming that it will attract more customers to your website – but be aware that it won’t. Instead, stuffing of irrelevant keywords could end up with a penalty from search engines that your site will get ranked decidedly lower. Another important aspect of SEO is the uniqueness of your website content. If your site has just copied some content from a competitor of yours, your content is duplicated and will result in lowering your ranking in search engines.

That’s very brief and generic introduction on how SEO can help increase your business. Proper SEO will not only boost your business, but it will also help create an online reputation for it. Therefore, once you launch your website, make sure to ‘Google’ and see where you come. If you don’t come in the first or the second search results page, well, your business is almost non-existent on the internet, and your objective should be to revamp your website with proper SEC to be more popular on ‘Google.’

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