How Every Business Can Benefit from a Cyber Firm

There can be no doubt that cyber security is of the biggest scourges of the modern world for individuals, businesses and, as we saw in the 2016 Presidential Election, Governments and Countries alike. Cyber Security has evolved into its own separate discipline which is studied at the tertiary level. If your system ends up being hacked then, from the business point of view, it could lead to significant losses in money and reputation as you try and get your business back on its feet. You might also think that “I am just a small guy these things won’t affect me” I am here to tell you and to demonstrate to you how the problems associated with cyber hacking can affect all businesses large and small.

Big banks and other businesses can throw considerable resources to deal with the problem often hiring their own cyber- security people, but small businesses need to protect themselves as well weather that means installing anti-virus programs on your computers or engaging the services of a specialist consultant to assist you or indeed a combination of both.

2017 has certainly been an interesting year for hacking. It began with investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. Writing on on June 28, 2017 Vadim Ghirda lists these as being amongst the top cyber security attacks in the first half of 2017, contact The Scarlett Group to learn more about business cybersecurity.

· Shadow
Brokers – Although this group was active in 2016 particularly with stealing tools from the NSA in April 2017 they announced the release of certain tools including Eternal Blue which hackers have used to infect targets

· Wanna Cry – This ransomware was released on May 12, 2017, and spread very quickly around the world. It was particularly prevalent in the United Kingdom where it is spread through the Computers of the National Health Service causing chaos as large numbers of patients had to have their surgical procedures rescheduled.

· Petya/NotPetya/Nyetya/Goldeneye – This release happened about one month after the release of the Wanna Cry Ransomware. Major targets that were the US pharmaceutical company Merck, the Danish shipping company Maersk, and the Russian oil giant Rosneft. According to Ghirda, some researchers have suggested that this attack was used as a mask to cover a major cyber-attack on the Ukraine with power companies, airports, public transportation, and the central bank being hit as part of the ongoing cyber warfare in the context of the civil war occurring in that Country.

Further support for the idea that every business needs a cyber firm can be found in the article on by David Jones on October 10, 2017. The article is titled “Small Companies Often in the Dark About Cyber Attacks “It puts forward the rather frightening proposition relying on data from a Nationwide Insurance Survey that around 60% of businesses last year was the subject of a cyber attack in the previous year but the majority of those businesses did not realize that the attacks had occurred. The vehicles that were used in these attacks, according to Jones, included Computer Viruses, Phishing, Trojan Horses, Data Hacking, and Ransomware.

So, whether you are a Multi-National or a one person start up, you cannot ignore the issue of cyber security. You need to install superior quality anti-virus technology and if the circumstances warrant it gets help from an expert. Doing nothing is not an option.

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