Common Electronic Components

In this article,we are going to have a look at the most commonly used electronic components in our homes.

1 Electronic toothbrush.

An electronic toothbrush is commonly found in homes especially are used by those that go to work early and don’t have enough time and so they tend to use this brush that speeds up the brushing process.

This is an electronic appliance and all appliances should be visited or tested by a certified firm or manufacturer likeĀ Direct Components Inc or individual.

2.The microwave.

This is an example of the main electronic equipments for it is almost in each and every house. It speeds up the heating of food,also it is uses to oven bakes cakes,bread and biscuits. There is a red flag though for in order of one to use some of these equipments, one has to be literate.

3.A toaster.

This equipment seems so small yet it is used in most homes to toast pieces of bread and ensure that they are crisp in taste. This functionality has made it climb the ladder to the third position.

4.Dry cleaner.

Various persons can operate this cleaner regarded that they know how to use it. This machine is used in cleaning clothes.

5.Electrical armpit shavers.

This type of equipment us necessary in the reduction of hair in the specific locations.

This tool is a must have equipment in the house for It has proven that it is most useful in private parts.


It will be odd for any household not to have a charging system. This is also the most widely used electronic component by most people. Chargers at used to input power in the phones,laptops and so on. Without this, communication won’t be effective.


Some coolers that have been produced nowadays have expansive capabilities and using electricity in cooking is one of them. But as they say, fire is a good servant but a bad master. so always look for any loop holes that might pose large scale damage.


These are room items that are of the mostly importance for they are used to aid in communication and also act as a computer thus making work easier. Phones also act as a environment where we can all play whatever game we like to.


Computers are also used to make work easier and also they are used to type various typed. Computers have made it possible for research to take place whether on the space and also in Africa. of. This computers have been made to the latest technology that is there is a computer that can think and can talk like a human being.

10.Sound system. This also is an electronic component that is very common among various people. This sound systems tend to produce music in terms of sound. The system is used for entertainment. This sound systems do help a lot of people even sometimes those struggling with stress for the sound of music is soothing and thus it reduces such conditions.

That was all that I had prepared for you. Hope the information in it has helped you and especially those illiterate so that it might show on the things that are to be used in regard to electronic equipments.

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