Birds in Costa Rica

Are you planning to visit Costa Rica for your upcoming vacation? If yes and you want to do something interesting, different and pleasant this holiday, go for a lovely bird tour. Costa Rica is one of the best places for bird watching. The lush rainforest that nestles in the country and its tropical temperature present an ideal environment for birds which is why the country boasts a staggering 850 species of birds of which around 630 are residents of the land and around 19 of them are endangered. Costa Rica is a land of scores of mangroves, wetlands, humid and tropical dry and wet forests and even highland forests. All of this makes Costa Rica a superb nesting ground for birds.

Rare, gorgeous birds like the fascinating Scarlet Macaws and Quetzal are found in many protected bird sanctuaries of the country. Hundreds of tourists travel every year to Costa Rica particularly to watch birds. Yes, this land is a paradise for bird watchers and if you love birding, you will have a ball in Costa Rica. Orange-collared Manakin, Cimson-collared Tanager, Toucan, Crested Guan, Golden-hooded Tanager, Passerini’s Tanager, Snail Kites, White and Glossy Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Jabiru, Wood Stors, Streak-chested Antpitta, Royal Fletcher, Riverside Wren and Baird’s Trogon are only a few of the spectacular birds that will mesmerize you during your tours in the country by

Arenal Observatory Lodge, OTS biological station of La Selva, Palo Verde Biological Station, Monteverde, Dominical-Hacienda Baru and Parque Nacional Carara: Cerro Lodge are some of the best bird watching locations in Costa Rica. La Selva Biological Station has over 450 species of bids and is one of the finest bird watching spots and tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Due to this feature, over 300 students and scientists studying climate, birds and wildlife visit La Selva each year. Rancho Naturalista is another great bird watching spot in the land which is also home to more than 450 bird species. If you are in love with or want to see Chachalacas, Collared Aracaris and Rufous Motmot, head over to Rancho Naturalista.

While people travel to Costa Rica year around, arguably the best time visit the country especially to have nice bird tours is between late December and April since Costa Rica is considerably sunnier and drier during these months as compared from May to mid-December. Also, birds mostly come out in the dry and sunny season too so you will see lots of fantastic birds throughout your time roaming in Costa Rica during this time. Even if you plan to visit Costa Rica from December to April, do pack waterproof jackets because you never really know when it can rain in Costa Rica.

In addition to hosting a huge variety of birds, Costa Rica offers a large array of accommodation facilities such as resorts, hotels and inns as well. You can easily find a nice play to stay in there according to your budget. To have amazing bird tours in Costa Rica, it is best to get in touch with a tour company or a tour guide in the place beforehand so you have a nice, glitch-free experience there. Make sure to tag along a good quality camera to capture as many beautiful birds and unforgettable moments as you can.

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